We offer ornaments with a wide range of designs, both classic and contemporary. Our Indian Ornament Collection including Vikraham, Greedam, Kavacham, Rathna Angi, Vaahanam, Pooja vessels etc. Order us for Traditional Ornaments in all metals.

About Kumbakonam
                 Kumbakonam is one of the ancient town in asian continent is located at Tamilnadu state in  India.   Kumbakonam is called Temple Town. There are so many Saivaites and Vaishnavaites temples in and around the town. Kumbakonam is one of the oldest places in South India and was the capital of the Chola kings in the 7th century. At this time the waters of the Ganges, Yamuna, and seven other sacred rivers (Godavari, Kaveri, Krishna, Narmada, Saraswati, Tungabhadra, and Sarayu) are supposed to flow into the tank.


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